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Fried Tofu in a pan

Tofu is a very healthy source of protein. It is easy to cook with. In fact it does even need to be cooked. This recipe shows you how simple it is to fry tofu in a pan.
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Frying tofu is very popular and really easy way to prepare meal with tofu. It gives it nice brownish color. You can combine it with almost any food, it especially comes along with vegetables.

There are different kinds of tofu, some may require more time for frying, some less.

- tofu
- vegetable oil (preferably coconut)
- marinade *(optional: marinade which you prefer: soy sauce, garlic, pepper, chili, ginger, vinegar...)


1. slice tofu in smaller pieces. Some prefer cubes, other triangles or slices. Cubes tend to take longer to fry, because you should fry them evenly on all six sides whereas slices need to be fried only on two sides.

2. marinate the tofu * (optional). If you are really hungry you can skip this step and fry non-marinated tofu. For best taste, marinate it to your taste. The longer the better. Press the water out before marinating it.

3. dry it. Place tofu on top of multiple layers of towels and rinse it well.  Be really careful not to fry moisturised tofu.

4. heat oil in a frying pan. Use only best vegetable oil, which are heat resistant. One of the best oil for frying  is coconut oil. If you have non-sticking pan you can user very little of oil.

5. fry tofu on both sides. Depending on size, type and preferred color, it may take from 1 to 5 minutes of frying on each side. The longer you fry it the crispier it becomes. Remember - there is no undercooked tofu - it can be eaten raw. If you wish you can stir-fry the tofu  also.

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